BOW-16 dryer movable

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Universal dryer for 4x4 pairs of skates (16 pairs). Extremely energy-saving dryer for footwear, gloves, skates, ski boots !! Simple and effective automatic operation. Each line for 4 pairs can be controlled separately. Suitable for hotels, guest houses, cottagers and rentals. This dryer is mobile. The packing also includes: screws, nuts, washers, wheel chassis, reinforcement place and spanners.

Power consumption: 45W, in total: 180W

Voltage: 230V / 50Hz

Operating temperature: 40 ° C

Power cable: 3m long

Certificate: CE

Material: Stainless Steel

Operation: Timer (on / off, auto shut off after 2 hrs, 4 hrs.)

Weight 77 kg
Size 1910mm*425mm*1417mm
Packaging dimensions 1390mm*350mm*690mm(26kg), 1750mm*110*120mm(9kg), 730mm*430mm*130mm(46kg)

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