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Profitable set of floorball sticks designed for beginners. 
Set includes 12 floorball sticks (8xL + 4xR) + 2 pcs balls Training. Length: 75cm

Ideal floorball stick for the youngest children who want to try this popular sport. Floorball stick meets the needs of these small beginning players. It is very soft, which is very appreciated at first clumsy manipulation with the sticks whether in contact with other players or even when hit to the barriers. Children will especially learn to lead and control, shoot and pass the ball. Antislip grip provides a firm grip in a clenched fist. Smaller shaft diameter (18.3 mm without grip, 22 cm with grip) is designed for the small child's hands. A shaft is equipped with an end for an easier grip and increased safety.

Level of optimal sports loading: 1

Body height 100-120cm (65), 125-140cm (75)
Stick length 65 cm|75 cm
Blade material PA
Blade curve straight
Stick material PVC-U
Stick hardness Ultra soft without bend specification
Roll tape for stick hump soft score grip
Shape rounded
Certificate NO
Weight 230gr
Quantity of units in carton NOT REQUIRED

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