INIX F35 Jr.

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INIX - children's floorball stick INIX is made especially for children to help their floorball development. It is designed for both beginners and advanced players.


100% fiberglass ensures the perfect balance between strength and flexibility of the shaft. Due to the high flexibility (flex 35), children do not have to exert so much force on shots and passes.


Grip is made of very comfortable and non-slip material.


Floorball stick is equipped with a children's blade Marvel jr. This type of blade allows accurate shots and passes.


The stick is NOT IFF certified.

Length: 55, 60, 65, 70 cm

Body height 100-120cm(65)|120-140cm(70)|90-100cm(55)|95-105cm(60)
Stick length 55 cm|60 cm|65 cm|70 cm
Blade material HDPE
Blade curve left, right
Handlebars material 100% fiberglas
Stick hardness 35
Roll tape for stick FIRM grip
Handlebars-shape round
Certificate NO
Weight 55/184, 60/188, 65/200, 70/208 gr
Level of optimal sport loading 3
Quantity of units in carton 30

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