PHASE F32 NB set

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Advantageous set of floorball sticks designed for the needs of competition and recreational players. Set contains 12 floorball sticks (8x left + 4 x right) + 6 pcs balls Bullet.
Length: 70, 75, 80, 85
Description of the stick:

This floorball stick is for all who play floorball regularly and want to have a quality stick at a good price. The shaft construction is characterized by a stable bend. Floorball shaft together with blade FIRM and grip PHASE GRIP that is an ideally balanced whole which thanks to its properties can be equalled to other top floorball sticks. To achieve these properties TEMPISH uses special kinds of glass fibres and especially unique technique of composing and orienting of the individual layers which after baking ensure the properties of the shaft and the whole floorball stick.

Stick hardness 32mm is suitable for men, women and juniors. It is an excellent stick for those who want good ball-handling and at the same time tough shot.

The floorball stick is equipped with a new blade NOXX with minimum curve and very gentle shaping in blade profile, it enables for playmakers perfectly accurate shots and passes. This blade type is currently very popular with most of the professional players. The blade FIRM enables very accurate shot also on a backhand. On this stick, the grip PHASE GRIP is used which fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip and absorbs sweat.


Left or right indication of the stick is not related to the curve but to the side where it is used. Also, the hand that holds the stick lower is the same as the indicator. So when the player plays on the left side, left hand holds the stick lower, so the stick is left even though the blade is curved to the right.

Body height 120-140 cm (70), 125-140 cm (75), 140-150 cm (80), 145-160 cm (85)
Stick length 70 cm|75 cm|80 cm|85 cm
Blade material PP (polypropylen)
Blade curve left, right
Stick material 100% fibreglas
Stick hardness 32
Roll tape for stick PHASE GRIP
Shape conic
Certificate NO
Weight 70 - 191g, 75 - 195g, 80 - 203g, 85 - 213g
Level of optimal sport loading 3
Quantity of units in carton NOT REQUIRED

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