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RESPECT 2 goalkeeper pants - comfortable goalie pants in new design with elastic crotch knit for greater freedom of movement.  


High abrasion resistant material in exposed areas.


Safe padding adapts to every situation.


Comfortable and comfortable belt. TRIPLEX (elastic rubber fastening, Velcro strap and buckle strap) fastening system ensures correct positioning in every position. Newly added zipper at the bottom of the leg for easier adjustment of the protectors.


Color: blue, orange

Size: 130, 140, 152, 164 cm

Size 130: Waist 60cm, length 79cm, inner leg length 56cm, leg width in the tigh area 29cm

Size 140: Waist 64cm, length 83cm, inner leg length 60cm, leg width in the tigh area 30cm

Size 152: Waist 66cm, length 90cm, inner leg length 64cm, leg width in the tigh area 31cm

Size 164: Waist 70cm, length 93cm, inner leg length 67cm, leg width in the tigh area 31cm

Waist is flexible and 5cm can be added to the lenght.

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