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The second generation of TABUR II. goalie shoes is made to make every move easier. It has an improved outsole, which thanks to the new foam inner lining is much more comfortable and pleasant for the goalkeeper's foot. They are made of a material that is very strong, abrasion resistant and with the ability to slide. Greater outsoles flexibility has been achieved, making it even more suited to the basic movements while guarding the goal. By combining these two enhancements, TABUR II. shoes meet the requirements of professional floorball goalies. On the sides of the shoe, there are rebound surfaces that perfectly transmit the intensity of rebound into the movement of the goalkeeper. Compared to the previous model, we used a stronger material on the outside of the instep of the shoe, which, due to its strength, keeps the foot in a stable position, thus avoiding unwanted movements of the foot inside the shoe. The goalkeeper can move from one position to another more quickly and the energy is not lost during the movements. The sole is hidden at the tip of the shoe so that it does not hinder the sliding movement. The ankle construction of the shoe provides even greater ankle joint safety. The velcro strap is used for perfect tightening.

Size: 39-46

Length of the insole:

size.: 39 - 25,5 cm

size.: 40 - 26,3 cm

size.: 41 - 26,8 cm

size.: 42 - 28,2 cm

size.: 43 - 28,5 cm

size.: 44 - 28,9 cm

size.: 45 - 29,3 cm

size.: 46 - 30 cm

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